How Open Data Helped Save My Life

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Open data helped save my life… but how?

First, I’d like to turn your attention to a wonderful and informative TED video from 2010 called The year open data went worldwidepresented by Tim Berners-Lee. I embedded the video here:

Berners-Lee talks about the wonders of open data when it is accessible to all. It creates a new level of information transparency that allows users to use or create information in different ways. What I really like about this was the idea of community generated data, which was exemplified through the wiki-map program – OPEN STREET MAP. Information gathering programs like Open Street Map work towards using information as a way to help other people in real time. Berners-Lee uses the earthquake in Haiti in 2009 as an example of how the open data network gave access to users around the world to help re-map Port-au-Prince, locate information…

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How Technology is Beating Corruption in India


India has come a long way from buyer of technology to one of the best innovator / creator in the technology and IT field. Now indigenous scientific inputs from our young and talented intellectuals help research and development departments, IT Industry in the development of better technology support to businesses, and implementation of public services; the industries are growing like anything; likely to beat the most technologically advanced countries.

Technology Against CorruptionBut is this technological advancements help India beat corruption?

“India has become one of the strongest in the world in terms of scientific manpower in capability and maturity”, Dr. Avinash Chander said in Visakhapatnam.

How technology can limit India’s rampant corruption:

Allocation of Unique Identification Number (Adhaar):

Unique Identification Authority has been rolling out a program to use biometrics — a technology. Under the program — which will use iris scans and fingerprints — allocating a 12-digit unique identification number to…

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Use of Social Media in Knowledge Management

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“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premis of progress, in every society, in every family” – Kofi Annan

Knowledge is the rock on which the businesses build capital and way to innovation. Companies are focusing on ways of knowledge capturing, nurturing and sharing. 

Blogging, Facebook and Twitter has now emerged as the latest medium for supporting the online information.  These are mostly used by the students for knowledge capturing and knowledge sharing. It is used as a knowledge management tool.

In the year 2010, Kaplan and Haenlein, defined social media as a group of internet based applications that help in building the ideological and technological foundations of web and allow the creation and exchange of user generated content.

In recent times blogging has gained popularity in disseminating knowledge and information.  It is one of the most advance platforms of exchanging information than emails and forums. The…

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La Pepita – Gracia’s hidden treasures – ES

En una esquina de Gracia se encuentra este pequeño restaurante, siempre abarrotado. A cualquier hora hay gente esperando para sentarse en la mesa o comiendo simplemente en la barra. Ese es su gran fallo. Pero ya se sabe, la gente no es tonta, y aquí nos ofrecen unas tapas buenísimas y de alta calidad. También nos ofrece la posibilidad de tomarnos un tan de moda gintonic con la comida.

Sus especialidades son los pepitos, de ahí el nombre, aunque no hay gran variedad en la carta como cabría esperar.

ImageEl precio de las tapas es normalito tirando a caro, pero te lo sirven con calidad. Para hacer os una idea nosotros nos pedimos: bravas, steak tartar, dos pepitos, agua y dos copas de vino y la cuenta subió a 50€.

En definitiva un sitio recomendable, pero hay que ir pronto para coger sitió!

Pagina web

photo (1)

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High end tapas in Bar Mut – EN

Bar Mut is situated at a very central part of the city of Barcelona. If you are lucky enough to get a place on the terrace during a hot summer night the food will certainly not disappoint you.
We have to say that the prices are not for every budget however the taste of the food certainly justifies it..
We reccommend the Pulpo a la Gallega (Octopus Galician style with potatoes),  the Mussels and the huevos estrellados (eggs with bacon and potatoes)

The olives came by default when we ordered our first beer!
official site of the place!



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