How Technology is Beating Corruption in India


India has come a long way from buyer of technology to one of the best innovator / creator in the technology and IT field. Now indigenous scientific inputs from our young and talented intellectuals help research and development departments, IT Industry in the development of better technology support to businesses, and implementation of public services; the industries are growing like anything; likely to beat the most technologically advanced countries.

Technology Against CorruptionBut is this technological advancements help India beat corruption?

“India has become one of the strongest in the world in terms of scientific manpower in capability and maturity”, Dr. Avinash Chander said in Visakhapatnam.

How technology can limit India’s rampant corruption:

Allocation of Unique Identification Number (Adhaar):

Unique Identification Authority has been rolling out a program to use biometrics — a technology. Under the program — which will use iris scans and fingerprints — allocating a 12-digit unique identification number to…

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